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Red7 NewsBits is an email newsletter summary of news items that I run across that I feel may be of interest to others.
I do not pretend that this covers all topics, and it is not intended to be a comprehensive news clipping service.
Rather NewsBits is intended to be a convenient news filtering service that pulls out the most relevant information.

I usually try to cover topics just once when they first come out, but may include new articles if they provide additional insights.
So if a particular item is getting a lot of press coverage, I may not mention it because I had already done so in an earlier edition.
I try to email NewsBits on a daily basis, but may not depending upon my workload, travel, etc. .

If you feel that there are any relevant subjects that I am neglecting in my monitoring, please let me know.

Robert Grupe

To subscribe to email distribution, send request to: s u b s c r i b e @ r e d 7 n e w s b i t s . c o m.